I decided to start a blog.

IO.puts("Hello World!")

I plan to use this as a technical blog, to write about things I learn, and become a better developer.

This first post is a simple one, about the blog itself and the tools used to make it.


I knew I wanted a static site generator, preferring to write in markdown, and the simplicity of deployment and DNS management with Netlify. I decided to go with Jekyll for the static site generation.

When choosing a theme, I wanted something lightweight with good readability. I copied Amplify, but I ripped out all the AMP tags and Javascript. I kept what I liked: the typography and most of the styling, and the performance gained by limiting Javascript and inlining CSS in the document head. I also updated the code highlighting stylesheet to use monokai.css.

The only Javascript included is Google Analytics, and the site will happily work even with Javascript disabled.

CSS is inlined in a style tag in the theme by using scssify, and strip_newlines.

So with all of that, what’s the performance like?

According to the Chrome Lighthouse audit: good enough for me.

Chrome Lighthouse Score

There it is! Welcome to my blog, you can follow new posts on RSS.

Next post: Hacktoberfest - 2019

Byron Hambly

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